Richmond's First Mediterranean Restaurant

The Mediterranean Bakery & Deli was founded over 35 years ago as a pita bread bakery. Later, the bakery started offering imported Middle Eastern groceries that were unavailable anywhere else in the area. In time, it became Richmond's first Mediterranean restaurant.

Mediterranean Bakery & Deli
has earned accolades from Restaurantji - your dining guide to local food gems.

Always growing, always expanding

To meet a growing demand, the bakery and grocery store added ready-made Mediterranean food to its options. Today, you'll find fresh baked goods, hard-to-get groceries, and hot deli items.

Over 20 years ago, Jameel and Saba Abed bought the Mediterranean Bakery & Deli. With their many improvements, the shop has become the best Mediterranean food service in the Richmond area.


Groceries and more

You'll find just about any Mediterranean or Middle Eastern dish you could want in our shop. Please visit us for all your culinary urges.